Tungsten Carbide Nozzle (M6 1.75mm) Dyze Design
Tungsten Carbide Nozzle (M6 1.75mm) Dyze Design
Tungsten Carbide Nozzle (M6 1.75mm) Dyze Design

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle (M6 1.75mm) Dyze Design

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Dyze Design Nozzle

3D printer nozzle in tungsten carbide for the ultimate balance between wear resistance and high performance.

Ultra wear resistant

The high hardness of tungsten carbide will provide a carefree extrusion experience. Its unparalleled wear resistance will ensure that both the nozzle diameter and flat will keep the same dimension, and so will your printed parts.


Low pushing force

The high thermal conductivity of both the nozzle tip and body will pump all the required heat to maintain an even temperature while extruding. Viscosity highly depends on the plastic temperature for a constant shear rate. The flow pressure will be constant resulting in excellent results and stability. The ease of pushing the filament will give an extra margin for your extruder safety.


Faster speed

Due to the high thermal performance of the nozzle in general, the printing speed can be pushed even further without sacrificing the quality. The special shape inside the nozzle allowed by the manufacturing technique improves the flow where the diameter gets reduced, thus allowing a faster flow rate.


Low friction

The whole nozzle is electroless nickel plated for enhanced slippery properties. Plastic will slide on the nozzle instead of sticking to it. This result is cleaner parts and less dragging problems.


Any material

From printing PLA to carbon fiber reinforced plastics, this nozzle can handle anything. The low friction coating greatly helps with flexible filaments allowing, them to slide through the nozzle. A single nozzle will offer quality prints, wear resistance, and high flow, so there is no need to get a ton of different nozzles when a single one can offer the best of all worlds.


Unbeatable price/performance

Tungsten carbide is easier to produce than corundum (Sapphire, Ruby, etc) and the performance is very similar for abrasion and much more performant for thermal conductivity. The use of steel makes it very easy to manufacture and offers amazing thermal performance. The whole package is a win-win situation in terms of performance and price.